Banquets are the perfect end to business meetings and team building events. They are carefully planned to the last detail and will emphasize the character of each meeting.
The Antałówka I guest house has a banquet room which can accommodate 32 persons. Our guests can also enjoy a spacious restaurant for 103 persons and a drink bar, as well as a restaurant for 60 persons in the Antałówka II guest house.
We serve excellent meals from the European cuisine during the banquets organized by us. The menu is arranged taking into account the individual preferences of our guests. The personnel at the complex of guest houses Antałówka not only helps in choosing a relevant menu but also in planning the layout of tables, placing the participants of the event at the tables, decorating the room or organizing additional attractions. We are open to any suggestions from our guests and that is why banquets organized in our guest houses are remembered for a long time. We will be extremely honored, if you would like to become another one of our satisfied customers.